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Gene Expression Bioinformatics Team

The Gene Expression Bioinformatics team is a part of Canada's Michael Smith Genome Sciences Centre. In addition to bioinformatic analysis on the mouse atlas data, the bioinformatics team produces DiscoverySpace an application for the interrogation and visualization of biological knowledge.


Steven Jones, Ph.D.

Steven Jones, PhD | web site

Head of Bioinformatics

Head of Bioinformatics at the Genome Sciences Centre at the BC Cancer Agency, Director of the Genome BC Bioinformatics Platform, Adjunct Professor, Department of Medical Genetics at University of British Columbia, Adjunct Professor, Molecular Biology and Biochemistry, Simon Fraser University and Associate Member of the Biotechnology Laboratory, UBC. Dr. Jones is involved in physical mapping to construct BAC based maps for rat, bovine, salmon and pine genomes. This includes the development of software for automated gel analysis, BAC contig ordering and assembly. Continued development of Inter Contig Explorer (iCE) software aids visualization of data. Efforts are ongoing to profile transcript abundance in a number of organisms using SAGE, and the development of a database and software (SageSpace) to visualize and analyze the data. Dr. Jones leads bioinformatics efforts to co-ordinate the high-throughput sequencing efforts and automated sequencing efforts for the Genome Sequence Centre.

Asim Sidiqqui, Ph.D.

Bioinformatics Group Leader

Allen Delaney, Ph.D.

Research Associate

Richard Varhol, M.Sc.

Assistant Bioinforamtics Co-ordinator for Gene Expression

Anita Charters, B.Sc.

Computational Biologist

Anita Charters collaborated with the Hoodless lab on library analysis. She provided bioinformatic support to the lab and was responsible for analyzing various libraries. She used DiscoverySpace software and trained members of the lab to use this software.

Lisa Lee, M.Sc.

Computational Biologist

Lisa Lee contributes to gene expression analysis by applying various bioinformatics techniques. She collaborated with members of the Simpson lab on a global analysis of tags represented in all of the SAGE libraries. She also did analysis on the brain SAGE libraries using DiscoverySpace software.

Kevin Teague

Web Developer

Kevin maintains and develops the SAGE database, as well as the Mouse Atlas of Gene Expression web site.

Derek Leung, B.Sc.

Computational Biologist

Derek has written the CMOST tag-to-gene mapping software.

Mehrdad Oviesi

Programmer Analyst

Software Developer for DiscoverySpace

Chris Fjell

Programmer Analyst

Software Developer for DiscoverySpace

Irene Li

Computational Biologist

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