SAGE Library SM245

Same tissue sample as SM162.


Library Name SM245
Species Mus musculus
Strain CBA/B6 (n=2 on B6)
Mutation NGN3-GFP Tg
Location Pancreas - NGN3-GFP-
Sex M and F
Age E12.5
Developmental Stage Theiler Stage 20
Organsim Condition Healthy

Sample Collection

Tissue Dissection Notes

Whole pancreas was dissected out of the embryos and a single cell suspension was created which was subjected to FACSorting to isolate the GFP- cell population. This population was used for library construction. Includes a mixture of pancreas cell types composed predominantly of mesenchymal cells and pancreas epithelial progenitors as well as those destined to become exocrine cell types.

Lab Cheryl Helgason: BCCRC
Number of Animals 64

Library Construction

SAGE Protocol SAGELite (LongSAGE 21 bp)
Starting RNA 20 ng

Tag Extraction

Total Raw Tags (no quality cut-off) 199,717
Total Raw Tags at Q95 161,262
Total Raw Tags at Q99 151,987
Unique Tags 52,490


Tag Counts at Quality 0.95 cut-off tagcounts_SM245_Q95.txt
Tag Counts at Quality 0.99 cut-off tagcounts_SM245_Q99.txt
Clustered Tag Counts and P-Value tagclustered_SM245_Q99.txt

Data Analysis


Data is available for analysis using DiscoverySpace, a cross-platform application that allows comparison between SAGE libraries, tag to gene mapping and results from public datasources.

SAGE Library Help

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